Meet the fleshy nose surgery techniques

How fleshy nose surgery

Nose surgery in the meat and add texture to reduce tissue from one part to another area.

Texture additives usually Cartilage The nasal septum is . In the special case of nasal septum cartilage is not( For example, accident) From the cartilage of the ear, without damage to the ear used to be called graft surgery .

In this way, what is reduced or added to the nasal cartilage causes the tip of the nose to become more compact, and strengthening the base of the nose causes the tip of the nose to stretch and beautify and prolong the operation of the nose..

Nose surgery, Isfahan, Iran

Several techniques for rhinoplasty Meat

For those fleshy nose with rhinoplasty to become more effective and better nose profile appears certain surgical techniques can be used that are :

Cartilage and bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose

Because thick skin to determine the nasal tip and bridge of the nose can appear better use of cartilage graft

Reduce fat in the soft tissue coverage

Thin careful and skillful fat constituent of connective tissue, especially in the tip of the nose can help clear nasal profile appears.

Fleshy nose surgery
Fleshy nose surgery

Cut to size and fit the overall size of the nose

از آنجایی که پوست ضخیم به زمان بیشتری برای بهبود نیاز دارد بهتر است از یک روش اندازه گیری برای کوچک کردن بینی استفاده شود .اگر هنگام جراحی فاصله ی بین استخوان بندی بینی و پوست زیاد باشد احتمال به وجود آمدن اسکار یا گوشت اضافی وجود دارد. and therefore the patient's nose, disobedient and will be unwelcome.

Current structural support

Thick skin because of the heavy demands stronger skeleton are so good that we can maintain a balance between small nose and nasal establish skeleton. When the skin on the nose in place, having a strong frame makes the surface smooth nose as well.

Rhinoplasty surgery is difficult for all skin types. However, nose to nose Meat (Thick skin) Requires a high level of expertise and experience. The surgeon should have a good understanding of the size expected to increase the quality of results.